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As you know, traffic safety is essential in all traffic roads, regardless of their length or traffic density, and the road’s need for traffic safety systems increases as its speed increases due to the severity of accidents in it, from this, we realize that highways are more in need of everything that supports traffic safety, because they are characterized by driving for long hours due to the long distance, and therefore this distance is accompanied by special precautions that must be paid attention to before and during driving, we represent some of them for you.

Long Distance Driving Instructions

First of all, the precautions during long distance driving are divided into two parts, one for the driver and the other for the vehicle itself to ensure safe driving on the long term, such as

Car maintenance:

This includes regular maintenance of the vehicle to prevent issues during long distance driving and includes:

Tire pressure

Usually 32 PSI for small cars, 34 PSI for medium-sized cars and 42 PSI for large cars (refer to the tire inflation label for each vehicle).


We recommend using a genuine coolant that is compatible with your vehicle type to avoid overheating in long distance driving situations.

washer tank level

On average, the washer tank is 4 liters, and it is preferable to fill it up when about half the tank is empty, which can be indicated by the wiper signal bulb, but in cases of long distance driving it is always recommended to fill the tank up before setting out.

Engine oil level 

Before long distance driving check the engine oil level and follow the vehicle’s maintenance schedule.

Check the headlights

Checking your headlights is especially important in cases where you may have to do long distance driving at night because there may be areas that do not have proper lighting and need the lights on, and without headlights, you may not be noticed by other cars if you are behind, which may expose you to a collision if the car in front of you stops and may expose you to serious penalties in addition to legal liability.

In addition, you are also deprived of the advantage of being able to recognize road boundaries using metal barrier reflectors or concrete barrier reflectors 

Check the Taillights

Tail lights are no different from the headlights in importance, as they contribute to knowing the status of the car in general, whether waiting, braking, or taking a certain path to the right or left, so the tail lights are also an important factor in preventing collisions, whether driving long or short distances, so the tail lights are also an important factor in preventing crashes, whether long distance driving or short driving.

All of the above points are basics that should generally be done before any driving operation, but of course, their importance increases in long distance driving.

Top Driver for Tips

n the previous paragraph, we learned what the driver must review before long distance driving for the car, but the most important and largest part remains driver Responsibility, which can be summed up as: 

Sitting properly

This includes adjusting the headrest appropriately, adjusting the seat back to a 95-degree angle to avoid affecting the lumbar spine in long distance driving, and placing a pillow behind the back to maximize comfort when driving long distances. 

Get some rest

Take a 20-minute break every two hours of driving to maintain concentration, and it is advisable to have another person to drive alternately to maintain activity because long distance driving usually exceeds two hours.

Avoid fatty foods

Fatty meals cause blood to be drawn from the brain to the stomach, which reduces concentration and lethargy gradually increases with long distance driving and this increases the desire to sleep while driving, which puts your life and the lives of your passengers at risk, so it is preferable to eat snacks only when needed.

Drink enough liquids and chew gum

Continuous hydration is especially important in hot weather to maintain blood pressure, and chewing gum is also preferred to prevent flashbacks on long distance driving see the article (9 Tips to Avoid Driver Fatigue).

Sleepy medicines

Make sure you do not take sleepy medicines while long distance driving to ensure that you do not lose concentration, which increases the risk of causing an accident while driving.

Important information before long distance driving

The troubles of Long Distance Driving

A US study conducted on a sample of 4,200 people revealed that long distance driving increases the likelihood of weight gain and high blood pressure, which increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes. In addition, a scientific study published in 2017 showed that people who drive for more than two hours a day are more likely to be stressed than others.

Important information before long distance driving
The troubles of Long Distance Driving

The contribution of shawahid industrial Roads Co. to improve long distance driving

Shawahid Co. contributes to supporting traffic safety related to long distance driving by producing the best types of Guardrails and Safety Rollers Barriers to help keep cars within the lane, especially on highways, and supports them with metal and concrete barrier reflectors to increase awareness of the  road boundaries to increase your traffic safety in long distance driving and create The FutureOf Safety Roads.

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