End Terminal Berries System

Product Description:

The End Terminal Berries System connected to the metal barriers located on both sides of the roads is designed with an advanced system, whereby the shock is absorbed in the event of a collision from several sides and angles, which are stipulated in the standards of third-level mash tests.

Complete mash tests have been obtained for the third level, and Shwahid has begun to manufacture the product in its Saudi factories according to the standards of the American Association of Highway and Transportation Employees, for the road code that is compatible with the Saudi Ministry of Transport. The system also aims to protect drivers from damage to metal barriers during an accident, which helps absorb the shock of the vehicle and redirect it to the road in a safe manner.


way to operate End Terminal Berries System:

The End Terminal Berries System work to turn around during a collision to return the front of the end to the rear, which helps to reduce and slow the speed of the vehicle gradually to redirect it on the road. drivers from getting hurt. Mash Level 3 standards is used, which is installed in the starter shafts of the system, which breaks during impact to tilt the shafts backwards.


 The Features of End Terminal Berries System:

  • Saudi domestic industry
  • Shock absorption system
  • The system does not need a concrete base
  • Ease and speed of installation
  • Availability of maintenance and spare parts for the system


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