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When someone follows too closely, the risk of a car accident increases. There are many reasons for Tailgating collisions, but no matter what the reason, it is always dangerous.

What is Tailgating?

Tailgating is when a driver follows another vehicle without keeping a safe distance. Drivers must keep a sufficient distance from the vehicle in front of them. If the distance is too small, a collision may occur if the vehicle in front stops suddenly. If you apply the brakes suddenly, the car may take much longer to stop than you think.

The safe distance between vehicles depends on vehicle speed, weather, visibility, and road dangers. The safe distance between vehicles is based on the three-second rule and can be calculated by a fixed point such as a sign. If you reach the sign before three seconds, you need to follow the vehicle more closely.

Tailgating between cars stats

  • 23% of all motor vehicle crashes per year are rear-end collisions
  • 2,000 deaths caused by rear-end collisions every year 
  • 950,000 injuries caused by rear-end collisions every year 


Considering these tailgating facts and figures, you now know why tailgating can be dangerous. If you’ve been the victim in a tailgating accident

Avoiding Tailgating between cars

What is the method to avoid tailgating between cars?

  • Use the three-second rule. Start counting when the rear bumper of the car in front of you passed an object, like a street sign. Your bumper should not pass that same object until you’ve reached at least three seconds.
  • Keep a longer distance for front vehicles in bad weather conditions 
  • Use extra caution when approaching intersections, stop lights, and changing lanes
  • If you are being tailgated, find a safe way to let the car behind you pass. Pull over to the side of the road or change lanes if possible.
  • Do not irritate the tailgating driver by braking or slowing down.
  • Stay calm, Some tailgating drivers can be aggressive. Try to stay calm when dealing with such drivers so you can make safe, informed decisions.
  • Stay right, Slow traffic stays to the right. If you stay in the right lane, you can avoid most people approaching you.
  • Resist the temptation to chase the car in front of you. If you are impatient, always change lanes at the first opportunity.
Avoiding Tailgating between cars

Effort of shawahid industrial roads to avoid tailgating between cars

Shawahid Co. Always strives to provide safety devices for tailgating by working to protect individuals on various roads by providing the latest advanced devices under the supervision of the best specialists in the field of traffic safety, so shawahid Co. offers Solar Traffic Signs to alert drivers to the speed limit and what they can face on the road, and Solar Road Studs that work to identify the road for vehicles and work to reflect light for clarity of vision for drivers and work to reduce speed that avoid tailgating between cars That’s why Shawahid Co. is a leader in traffic safety 

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