Raptor Crash Cushion

Product Description:

Raptor Crash Cushion System provides you with the necessary protection inside the city or on the outside roads, as it is installed in order to protect the lighting poles and trees It has the ability to absorb shocks with a high degree to maintain the safety of the driver and passengers

Drive safely with the Raptor Crash Cushion System – the ultimate protection for lighting poles and trees. This system is designed to absorb shocks with a high degree safety roads for you and your passengers, making it the perfect addition to keep you safe on the road. Find out more about how the Raptor Crash Cushion System can give you peace of mind while driving.


Uses of Raptor Crash Cushion:

  • Indicating the presence of objects that may collide, such as trees and columns.
  • Protection for the driver and passengers from collision.
  • Protect poles from damage and reduce accidents
  • Highways.


Features of Raptor Crash Cushion:

  • Easy to install and maintain due to its hinged parts.
  • High shock absorption ability.
  • Saudi national factories and high and fast regional distribution capacity.
  • Mash Test compliant.


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