Speed Bumps

Product Description:

Speed bumps are made of flexible plastic or high-density rubber. They are used to reduce vehicle speed in specific areas to decrease accidents and prevent injuries or property damage.


Technical Specifications of Speed Bumps:

  • Manufacturing Material: Rubber/Plastic
  • Dimensions: Comes in different dimensions and sizes according to customer needs


Uses of Speed Bumps:

  • Schools.
  • Hospitals.
  • Roads in front of government building and facility entrances.
  • Factories.
  • Markets.
  • Parking lots.
  • Roundabout entrances.
  • Highways.


Features of Speed Bumps:

  • High strength and durability.
  • High endurance for the weight of vehicles.
  • Available as one product and as separate pieces.
  • Available in various shapes, sizes, and heights.


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