Thermoplastic Marking Paint Materials

Product Description:

Thermoplastic Marking Paint Materials are modern materials designed to be applied on various surfaces, such as road tarmac, runways, and the floors of squares, yards, parking lots, and other places. This paint is known to be extremely durable and resistant to various weather conditions.

Shawahid Group for Industrial Roads and Traffic Safety Works, in collaboration with Salik Factory, manufactures Thermoplastic Marking Paint Materials locally, in compliance with the international standards and with the certification of the Saudi Ministry of Transport.



  • Longitudinal road markings and preformed thermoplastic markings.
  • Highways, primary roads, and secondary roads (i.e., all different types of roads).
  • Runways and airstrips.
  • Squares and yards.
  • Parking lots.
  • Any other uses according to customer needs.



  • Premium-quality longitudinal road markings and preformed pavement markings.
  • Instant drying.
  • Can be made reflective through the addition of glass particles.
  • Can be applied in several ways, such as lane drawing by spraying, painting, or pouring.
  • Strong adhesion to all types of concrete or asphalt surfaces.
  • The properties of thermoplastic paint can be adjusted according to customer needs.
  • Eco-friendly p
  • Compliant with standards.


Available Colors:

  • White.
  • Yellow.
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