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Flexible bollards with reflective bases is one of the traffic safety products manufactured by Industrial Road Bollards. Flexible Post Long Base collapsible and made of high-quality materials with a built-in heavy-duty spring. The base is equipped with reflective material that enhances the visibility of the poles and minimises potential damage to vehicles and poles.

What is Flexible Post Long Base used for?

The main purpose of these Flexible bollards with reflective bases is to direct vehicle movement, especially in sloping areas, to enhance traffic safety and minimize collisions.

These Flexible Post are an effective solution for optimizing traffic flow and enhancing visibility for drivers in different road conditions.

Flexible Post Long Base system


The unit contains a set of reactive anti-rebound springs that return to an upright position upon impact, allowing the driver to move without fear for the car and the losses that can be caused by hitting the barrier, and this gives an advantage because it saves the cost of repairing the column, making it an economical way. 

The advantage of Flexible Post Long Base

What are Flexible Post Long Base Specifications?


  1. Base
  2. Reflective bands 
  3. Edges reflectors 
  4. Delinator body 


Edges reflectors color

  1. Red
  2. yellow 
  3. White 
The advantage of Flexible Post Long Base

Uses of Flexible Post Long Base

  • On highways and streets within the city.
  • Separate lanes for two-way roads.
  • Separation of road lanes in the work area.
  • high-way exits as pathfinders.
  • an alternative to concrete separators for the end of road with an exit to a road that Crosses on it.
The advantage of Flexible Post Long Base

The advantage of Flexible Post Long Base

  • High-performance reflective bases increase the visibility of poles and signs, enhancing road safety.
  • Exceptional flexibility allows poles to absorb shocks and impacts without significant damage, protecting users and infrastructure.
  • Superior durability gives the product a long service life and exceptional value.
  • Simple design that is easy to install and maintain.
  • Significantly improves visibility, road safety and travel experience.
  • Conforms to the highest international safety and quality standards

Type of Flexible Post Long Base

There are two types of column measurement: 

1- DSS 750MM

2- DSL 950MM

The advantage of Flexible Post Long Base

In conclusion

Flexible Post Long Base is one of the ideal solutions for places that witness traffic or human congestion to help alert or guide operations and is a preventive factor to reduce the damage of potential accidents with low costs, which means that the product combines quality, efficiency and price, and shawahid co. always strives to provide the latest traffic safety products that individuals need 

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