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Shawahid Industrial Roads Group was established in 1432 AH to be a pioneer in the world of Municipalities.
Road safety through its leadership of a group of the best companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (shawahid Industrial Roads group – New Construction Contracting Corporation – Salik industry Factory).
Through its companies, the group has undertaken many of the largest projects in the Kingdom for the Ministry of Transportation and many municipalities

our vision

On the path of global progress, the company has set a clear path from the beginning, becoming a beacon for all people who strive for traffic safety and working together to create a future of traffic safety.

Our mission

Maintaining traffic safety and protecting the human spirit with everything necessary and everything possible through a process of continuous research and development by implementing the highest and most important developments in the world and introducing them to everything that Shawahid reaches.

Our goal

The company is on the path of global progress with a clear line drawn from the beginning to be a beacon for all traffic safety seekers to create the future of traffic safety together.

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Saudi Arabia and the future of safety roads

Traffic safety is the most important factor in the transportation system as it aims to protect people on the road, whether on highways or internal roads. The Saudi Ministry of Transport has made significant efforts in this regard through well-thought-out steps that included adding many road signs and safety standards on the road

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Road studs

These small but powerful devices make a significant advancement in enhancing visibility, guiding drivers, and ultimately making our roads safer… Let’s dive into the exciting world of solar-powered cat’s eyes, exploring their circuits, specifications, prices in Saudi Arabia, and their role in transforming road safety.

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Safety roller barrier

The future of Safety Roller barriers contributes to saving the lives of thousands of drivers and passengers on highways. Thanks to their innovative design equipped with rotating cylinders, they can absorb the impact energy and redirect cars and trucks back to their correct path on the road, instead of crashing.

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