About Shawahid Group

Shawahid Group was established in 2010 to manufacture and supply traffic safety products such as road signs (e.g., cantilever, gantry and street name signs), road marking materials, safety roller barriers, crash cushions, guardrails, conspicuity reflective tapes, and numerous other types of traffic safety products. In fact, Shawahid Group has become one of the most active and innovative traffic safety companies in Saudi Arabia and the broader Middle East region. Initially, the company manufactured its products for the Saudi Ministry of Transport, and later expanded to the municipalities of the Governorates of Saudi Arabia, the facilities of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Interior, international, regional, and local airports, and various official agencies and private entities during the past ten years.

Our Goals

Contribute to the development process that pervaded Saudi Arabia and the development of architectural character, through the ambitious vision of the Kingdom, Vision 2030.
Maintain a commitment to accurate work and quality implementation, taking into account on-time delivery.
Attract customers through thoughtful quotes.
Prioritize ethical practices.
Provide clients with innovative technical advice and solutions in the industrial field.

Our Vision

Develop our work areas and introduce the latest technologies.
Maintain strict quality control standards for implemented projects.
Reduce the number of traffic accidents and deaths to preserve human life.

Our Achievements

Shawahid Group for Industrial Roads and Traffic Safety Works is proud to have completed more than 100 mega projects distributed throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab Gulf countries. The company is also proud to support more than 250 customers around the globe, by supplying traffic safety products according to the highest standards and technical specifications. Shawahid Group has completed more than 600 projects.


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