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Shawahid Industrial Roads Group was established in 1432 AH to be a pioneer in the world of Municipalities road safety through its leadership of a group of the best companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (shawahid Industrial Roads group – New Construction Contracting Corporation – Salik industry Factory).
Through its companies, the group has undertaken many of the largest projects in the Kingdom for the Ministry of Transportation and many municipalities

Shawahid Industrial Roads

Our Vision

Implementing the highest and most important developments possible globally and introducing them into everything that comes within the reach of Shawahid Company’s hand to maintain traffic safety and protect humans with everything necessary and everything possible through continuous research and development.


Our Mission

We aim to provide the highest possible manufacturing and execution quality, in addition to supplying our customers with our engineering expertise in developing their projects while maintaining civil safety standards concerning work personnel during execution and product quality during manufacturing.



Discover a complete range of high-efficiency traffic safety products from Shawahid industrial roads.

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