Electrical Road Studs

Product Description:

Electrical road studs consist of an exterior made of aluminum or plastic, high brightness LED lighting, an electronic chip that regulates the lighting of the single stud, and a central control unit that regulates all studs in a specific area. This control box regulates the electric current, voltage, and power needed for the entire system to operate. It also regulates the start and ending time of lighting, as well as the duration of continuous or intermittent lighting.

Road studs (i.e., cat’s eye) are very useful in illuminating roads and lining lanes at night, thus ensuring traffic safety even without the use of headlights.

There are several types and shapes available. Some of these types are designed to be passed over by vehicles, some are designed for sidewalks and pavement, and some are made for tunnels.


Technical Specifications:

  • Manufacturing Material: Aluminum or plastic.
  • Type of Energy Used: Electrical energy.
  • Voltage: AC 12V.
  • Type of Lighting: LED.



  • Primary and secondary roads.
  • Road curves.
  • Street entrances and exits.
  • Squares and fields.
  • Parking lots.



  • Can endure the weight of vehicles and large trucks.
  • Low electric energy consumption.
  • High LED lighting that is visible from far distances and harmless to the eye.
  • Long product life.
  • Easy maintenance when needed.
  • Several shapes are available to choose from.
  • Perfect for urban areas and megacities.


Available Colors for Lighting:

  • Red.
  • Blue.
  • Yellow.


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