Road Surface Marking

Product Description:

Road Surface Marking

Road Surface Marking is applied on roads to mark road lanes and edges. It regulates traffic by generating loud noises when passed over, thus alerting sleeping or distracted drivers when they pass the road edge. This category includes paint lines and road surface signs such as arrows, crosswalks, and parking lines.

Shawahid Group Co., in collaboration with “Alamar Aljadeed EST for Road Surface Marking and traffic safety works,” installs thermoplastic road surface marking all over Saudi Arabia using state-of-the-art painting machines for highways and main roads in rural and urban areas.

Uses of Road Surface Marking:

  • Longitudinal lanes on highways and main roads in rural and urban areas.
  • Regulating parking lots.
  • Other places that require road marking.

Road Surface Marking Features:

  • Road Surface Marking Highly efficient modern equipment.
  • Speed and precision during installations.
  • Experts and engineers specialized in road traffic safety.
  • Paint is heated to 220 degrees Celsius before being applied on the road, which guarantees perfect and strong adhesion.
  • Applying paint with high thickness results in longer paint life on the road, as well as resistance to friction with passing car tires.

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