Safety Roller Barriers

Product Description:

Safety Roller Barriers systems are shock-absorbing cylinders situated within metal traffic barriers. They are designed to make vehicles deflect back into the road with minimal damage to the vehicle, occupants, and the barrier itself.

Safety roller crash barriers are most likely to be the future of roadside barriers and median barriers, as they represent an extremely efficient and modern alternative to the conventional metal traffic barriers. These include longitudinal safety roller crash barriers, traffic light posts, light post protective barriers, and fork road barriers.


Features of Safety Roller Barriers:

  • Ability to endure high speeds up to 120 km/h.
  • Excellent shock-absorbing quality due to highly elastic materials in roller cylinders.
  • A safety pin that prevents major accidents by reducing cylinder rotational speed.
  • Easy setup and maintenance.
  • Compliant with US Mash standards.


Application of Safety Roller Barriers:

  • Locations of frequent crashes.
  • Roads with side barriers.
  • Tunnels.
  • Metal traffic barriers.
  • Surrounding traffic light posts.
  • Surrounding streetlight posts.
  • Forks in roads.


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