The Future of Safety Roller Barriers

The intro

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There are many road barriers, but these barriers differ in their functions. There are barriers such as highway guardrails, which are mainly intended to protect drivers whose vehicle leave the road towards the outside or towards the opposite direction and act as a barking deterrent, different from safety roller barriers, which work as a deterrent and Help the car to enter the road again without falling off the slopes


The future of safety roller barriers is saving the lives of thousands of drivers and passengers on highways. Thanks to their innovative design with rotating barriers, they can absorb the energy of a collision, returning cars and trucks to their right track on the road, instead of crashing.

Importance of Safety roller barriers

Safety roller barriers have many features that make them the first choice of road authorities, which are selected based on these features, such as:

  • The ability to withstand high impact force up to 120 km/h.
  • Made of highly flexible rotatable cylinders that help absorb shocks significantly to secure the life of the driver and the vehicle itself.
  • Equipped with a safety pin that helps avoid major accidents by slowing down the speed of the cylinders.
  • Helping the car or truck to enter the road again without falling off the slopes.
  • Easy maintenance as the installation is an assembly of its parts Compatible with the American Mesh Test.

How do safety roller barriers work?

The barriers absorb the force of the impact (impact force -> generates rotation) The front fender barriers the force of the second impact, and then the rear fender barriers the force of the first impact to get the vehicle back on the road without drifting off the ramps and to get it back on the road again.

The Future of Safety Roller Barriers

Where to use safety roller barriers?

We can say that safety roller barriers are the future of road barriers, which are indispensable for road safety and are installed in places where accidents are more dangerous and frequent, such as

  •  Places where accidents are frequent.
  •  Roads with sidewalks 
  • Tunnels
  •  Metal road barriers
  • Parking lots and utilities

The most important point on which the barriers roadblocks are based is the safety reliability and that it conforms to the American specifications and safety standards 

through which the safety of the cylindrical roadblocks produced by shawahid Industrial Roadstones Company has been certified and tested.

Shawahid  Industrial Roads group has also created many projects of safety roller barriers in Yanbu, Medina, and Jeddah, and many projects outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the Sultanate of Oman in Salalah and others.

The Future of Safety Roller Barriers