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جدول المحتويات

In light of the intense heat in the current period, some cars are experiencing spontaneous combustion, which requires handling with extreme caution in light of the significant rise in temperatures in the current period in light of the severe wave to which the country is exposed. Hot weather can make life difficult while driving. You will have to make extra efforts to focus on the road ahead while driving in high temperatures. Here are some Tips Driving in Hot Weather to cope with the high temperatures.

The importance of traffic sign shape

Environmental protection: 

For those who want to see tangible changes in creating a better future for the environment and society by reducing traffic congestion and thus reducing travel time and road presence, which reduces exhaust products that negatively affect the environment and the health of the people around the place. 

Traffic sign Speed up transportation: 

Traffic sign contribute to the organizational separation of vehicles on the road by directing drivers of heavy transport trucks to special lanes that suit the speed, load, and dimensions of the vehicle, which contributes to faster traffic flow. 

Traffic sign for Notification of emergency changes:

Speed and directional guidelines help minimize potential accidents, and traffic signs are the most appropriate way to alert drivers in case of emergency changes or maintenance on the road. 

Facilitate access to the destination: 

Traffic signs are the only safety elements that can be traced as a continuum on the road that can be used to reach your destination without having to re-ask pedestrians or drivers who may be unavailable at certain times. 

 Reduce costs for drivers: 

The plates also contribute to saving drivers money as they alert them to the speed limit, which helps reduce the incidence of traffic violations. 

What do the colours inside traffic sign mean?


  • Blue is used on highways outside of urban areas for wayfinding signs
  • Blue rectangles are used for information signs except on motorways where blue is used for direction signs 


  • Green colour denotes roads within the urban area
  • Green rectangles are used for direction signs on primary routes


  • White to indoor places and landmarks such as universities, neighbourhoods, malls, and other indoor facilities
  • White rectangles are  used for direction  signs on non-primary  routes, or for plates  used in combination  with warning and


  • The brown colour indicates tourist, heritage, and recreational areas


  • orange circles with red borders generally give a woning for work area, such as
    “slow down” “work ahead”


  • Blue circles generally give a mandatory instruction, such as “turn left”, or indicate a route available only to particular classes of traffic buses and cycles only


  • Red rings or circles tell you what you must not do, You must not exceed 90km/h, no vehicles over the height shown may proceed 

Traffic sign shape 

  • Circles give orders
  • Triangles warn
  • Rectangles inform

Traffic sign from shwahid

Many traffic sign have been manufactured by shwahid  Industrial Road Co. to a very high standard throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. shwahid  Industrial Road Co. also offers high-quality products that have been installed in many cities and projects that are characterized by a high degree of reflectivity that allows the driver the ability to see at night and a high layer of insulation that makes the panels resistant to all weather factors, which makes its customers highly confident that the Industrial Roadstones Group is a leader in the manufacture of traffic safety equipment and systems.

Traffic sign shape

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