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Luminous tiles are an innovative and new idea that illuminate the sidewalks, Curbs, roads and cities are a solid, luminous product and a variety of shapes and sizes Luminous tiles are used as an aesthetic and civilizational means in developed cities; so that it improves the view and reflects the sophistication of the place, especially with the various colors, shapes and designs of luminous tiles. For example, it is also used for traffic safety purposes in front of traffic lights and road intersections. 

Why do you need Luminous tiles?

Luminous tiles contribute to the visibility of car owners at times when there is no visibility and during periods of the worst weather conditions such as fog or rain, and reflect the beauty of the roads on which cars and pedestrians travel, and contribute to lighting the place to prevent collisions with sidewalks and preserve the lives of individuals so that it gives an alert to vehicle drivers from a long distance with its radiant light.

Specific of luminous tiles

Luminous tiles are strong plastic products made of plastic that come in the form of cement bulldogs, which is a completely transparent, solid, non-hollow product that withstands all weather conditions and temperature, withstands shocks, and is waterproof It is installed between sidewalks and is illuminated at night in several colors, as it contains high-quality chemicals and is equipped with LED and the electrical power used is 12V AC.

Know about luminous tiles

What are luminous tiles called?

 It is called by several names, including:

  •  Illuminated dividers,
  •  road lighting,
  •  illuminated breakers,
  •  illuminated curbstones, 
  • illuminated joints,
  • barrier dividers,
  • barrier breakers,
  • lighting between bulldozers
Know about luminous tiles

Uses of Luminous Tiles

  • Sidewalks.
  • Pavement.
  • Palaces and luxury lounges
  • Luxurious palaces and restrooms.
  • Entrances to facilities and government agencies.
  • Entrances of government buildings and facilities.
Know about luminous tiles

Feature of luminous tiles

  • Easy maintenance.
  • High brightness and clarity.
  • Low electric energy consumption.
  • Resistance to weather factors such as rain, humidity, and dust.
  • Available in many shapes and sizes that fit all places and uses.
  • Very long life, with up to 300,000 hours of the same brightness.
  • High strength and endurance for vehicles weighing up to 81 ton/m2.
Know about luminous tiles


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