The Features of Aluminum Road Studs

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Aluminum Road Studs are hardened and impact-resistant aluminum alloys, this type of stud contains frosted glass or reflective mirror tape made of frosted glass or reflective mirrors, these studs reflect the light of oncoming and opposing vehicles

Specifications of aluminium road studs

1-Aluminium body 

2- Installation rule

3-Glass reflectors 

4-Rectangular Reflector House

5-Circular Reflector House

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Road studs come in three colours

  • aluminium cat-eyes Class A

  • aluminium cat-eyes class B

What are the Features of Aluminum Road Studs?

The Features of Aluminum Road Studs from shawahidts are used for the purpose of regulating road paths at night because they contain reflective mirrors, which makes it easier for the driver to move better on the road, especially in places that do not have enough light to illuminate the road, and helps individuals with vision issues to determine their path well in dark roads, and among these advantages:


  • High resistance capacity characterized by an even distribution of traffic loads on the road surface.

  • High reflection ability.

  • Long life span.

  • Resistant to climatic factors such as rain and sandstorms.


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