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Glass road studs are reflective glass roads that sit within the road surface to direct, warn and control traffic. Not only are they clearly visible at dusk and darkness, but they also ensure better visibility for road users during the day, Especially in the dim light of sunlight or heavy rain, solid glass road spikes are more visible than road markings, which greatly improves traffic safety.

Uses of glass road studs

Due to the importance of Glass Road Studs, they are used in many places such as,

  • Highways, main and secondary roads.
  • Parking.
  • Public squares.
  • Road Curves.
  • All urban and rural areas.
  • All architectural and decorative uses.

What is Mechanism of glass road studs?

Crystal glass road studs cover 360 degrees of peripheral reflection, which is of great importance to traffic safety and can guide and warn drivers in all directions.

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Glass road studs Features

  • Self cleaning
  •  Identify roads and lanes.
  • made of toughened glass material
  • High resistance to shock and friction
  • Resistant to weather factors such as rain and sandstorms.
  • It has a high carrying capacity of 80 tons when vehicles pass over it.
  • The possibility of installing it in many materials such as asphalt, concrete materials, and any architectural or decorative uses.
Uses of glass road studs:

glass road studs Colours

  • Transparent/White.
  • Red.
  • yellow.
  • green.
  • blue.


glass road studs, also known as reflective road studs, is made of glass crystal, a high-gloss silicone tempered optical glass that contains a reflector and is circular in shape.

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Rigid glass road studs are suitable for urban and rural areas. They are widely used in the infrastructure sector, but they are also very suitable for architectural or decorative applications and can also be used on all major roads that require a bright and durable product to define the road, it is a particularly useful product when installed in mini roundabouts and traffic islands so shwahid CO. is dedicated to providing the highest quality road safety products.

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