Solar Road Studs

Product Description:

Solar Road Studs are road surface markings. They are designed to charge up during the day using solar power, and then automatically light up at sunset until the next sunrise. They then undergo the charging cycle again during the next day. These energy-saving studs are perfect in modern cities.

This process occurs using a solar panel infused into each stud and an electrical circuit situated and protected below the solar panel. Solar Road Studs, as well as other types of road surface markings, are very useful in lighting up roads and illuminating lanes at night. This enhances traffic safety, even without the use of vehicle headlights. They are available in various shapes and types, some of which are durable against passing vehicles, while others are suitable for sidewalks or tunnels.


Technical Specifications of Solar Road Studs:

  • Manufacturing Material: Aluminum.
  • Type of Electrical Energy Used: Solar power.
  • Type of lighting: LED.


Uses of Solar Road Studs:

  • Highways, primary and secondary roads.
  • Road curves.
  • Street entrances and exits.


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