Solar Traffic Signs

Product Description:

Solar Traffic Signs consist of a pole, a sign that has lights lined in the specific shape of the traffic symbol, and a solar panel that generates electric energy during the day to be stored. Solar traffic signs light up automatically at sunset and continue until sunrise then start charging and the cycle is repeated.

These include all sizes and shapes of warning signs and regulatory signs. Informative and warning signs are made of aluminum plates covered with a reflective film and mounted on a pole made of steel. They are used on all primary roads, secondary roads, squares, and other spaces.


Technical Specifications of Solar Traffic Signs:

  • Manufacturing material: Aluminum.
  • Electrical Energy Used: Solar Power.
  • Type of Lighting: LED.
  • Material of Support Pole: Steel.


Uses of Solar Traffic Signs:

  • Highways, primary roads, and secondary roads.
  • Road curves.
  • Squares.
  • Alerting drivers about dangerous objects and factors on roads.
  • Show vehicle speed limits.
  • Illustrate road directions and crosswalk locations.
  • Several other uses.


Features of Solar Traffic Signs:

  • Compliant with modern technical standards, including size, clear writing, reflection, and precision in drawing directions.
  • Weather-resistant.
  • High illumination.


Types of Solar Traffic Signs:

  • Intermittent illumination Solar Traffic Signs.
  • Continuous illumination Solar Traffic Signs.
  • Solar Traffic Signs automatically turn off during the day and charge for four hours.


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