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There are many different types of road barriers such as safety roller barriers and Highway GuardRails, but each of them differs in their function and the benefits they offer.

Highway GuardRails are one of the most important road safety elements because of their importance in preventing vehicles from falling or colliding and forcing the vehicle to travel in a certain direction to prevent accidents, which is why these barriers have become one of the basics of roads legally and compulsorily

Features of Highway GuardRails

Provides a safety barrier that prevents lift trucks or other vehicles within the plant from travelling into equipment, building walls, or personnel

The main purpose of highway GuardRails is to protect drivers whose vehicles veer off the road,  Some of these features include, 

  • As road boundary markers, especially at night due to the possibility of installing reflectors on them.
  • Easy to maintain and repair after accidents, depending on its hinged parts.
  • Road delineation.
  • Collision mitigation. 

Where to find Highway GuardRails

We can find Highway GuardRails in different places, Such as:

  • roadsides.
  • Median Traffic Island.
  • Intersection.

Types of Highway GuardRails

There are three types of Guard Rails 

1-Double median Highway GuardRails system: 

 They are used at intersections to keep the car on the road and help the driver identify the road with more protection.

2-Double Highway GuardRails system:

They are more visible on the road and are very important  for large machines

3-Single Highway GuardRails system:

Also called W-beam They can be used to create a buffer zone around corners and separate aisles

What is Purpose of GuardRails
What is Purpose of GuardRails
What is Purpose of GuardRails


A barrier is considered “crashworthy” if it meets the applicable crash test standards established for this type of road safety device. The guardrail interface and end treatment tests determine if the vehicle is redirected to the roadway.

What is Purpose of GuardRails


Highway GuardRails is designed to protect drivers of high-weight vehicles from road edge hazards, this product has been tested at the European Safety Standards Center at several speeds up to 135 km/h and is rated as an excellent crash barrier by EN1317.


The standard specification is AASHTO M180.

The European Safety Standards Center (ESC) includes safety standards agreed in: the UK, Sweden, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and the GCC countries.


At the end of the article, We must emphasize the importance of the safety of individuals by providing good means of protection that ensures the preservation of individuals’ lives, as Shawahid Co. Providing all traffic safety products with the best quality and the highest standards 

What is Purpose of GuardRails
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