Flexible Post Long Base

Product Description:

Flexible Post Long Base

  • Available With 3 Reflective Colors
  • high impact resistance and suitable in cases where need to force drivers to stick on a specific
  • lane or follow a path.
  • made from TPU material to resist breakage, cylindrical shape delineator, with a rectangular
  • base for fixing to the ground and as a rigid separator.
  • Proprietary color combinations to produce a lustrous, long-lasting, UV-resistant,
  • luminous structure.
  • Temperature resistant between -20°C 􀍭 +60°C.
  • Reflective strips for flexible-cylindrical delinators with high reflectivity – strong adhesion
    with metal structure to resist Separation upon collision.

uses :

  • On highways and streets within the city.
  • Separate lanes for two-way roads.
  • Separation of road lanes in work area.
  • high-way exits as pathfinders.
  • an alternative to concrete separators for the end of road with an exit to a road that crosses on it.


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