Flexible Post

Product Description:

Flexible Post offers an innovative solution for exit lane channelization, urban turn restrictions, rail crossings, and more. These posts are perfect for edge line delineation, medians, curves, or any other application where enhanced conspicuity is needed in safety roads.

Technical Specifications of Flexible Post:

  • The body formed of polyurethane rubber.
  • Aerodynamic vents.
  • The Flexible Post has a Reflective sheeting bands BRAND ( Avery Dennison Type 4 )
  • Resists of ( Calcium, Chloride ).


Uses of Flexible Post:

  • Flexible Post is Dividing roads.
  • Parking lots.
  • Indicate an obstruction such as a bridges or crash cushions.
  • Indicating the edge of carriageway and other dangerous exits area.


Features of Flexible Post:

  • One single structure ,its included with anchored bolt. Durable and resistant to UV light, ozone and hydrocarbons
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Integral coloration resists fading
  • Section spacing can be customized for local conditions to maintain natural water drainage


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