Illuminated Traffic Light Poles

Product Description:

Illuminated Traffic Light Poles This product entails LED lights on traffic light poles that work in perfect harmony with the traffic light itself. This allows the entire pole to light up with the color of the traffic light and change accordingly. Using these LED lights, the chances of drivers not seeing the traffic lights or subconsciously ignoring them become infinitesimal. This reduces accidents caused by ignoring or failing to see traffic lights, and subsequently reduces the chance of serious injuries and deaths. Additionally, they help organize the flow of traffic and improve the aesthetic aspects of the streets.

Illuminated Traffic Light Poles technology is highly efficient in increasing traffic safety levels by increasing the chances of seeing the traffic lights, while also making roads more aesthetically pleasing. Another event occurs on crosswalks simultaneously with the aesthetically pleasing colors of the traffic light: as soon as the traffic light pole lights up in red, the crosswalks light up in white, thus signaling to pedestrians that they can now cross the road. When the traffic light turns green, the crosswalks light up in red, thus indicating that crossing the road is not possible at the moment.


Technical Specifications of Illuminated Traffic Light Poles:

  • Type of Lighting: LED
  • Electric Current: AC 12V
  • Color of Lighting: Red, yellow, and green simultaneously with the changing traffic light
  • Pole Manufacturing Material: Aluminum


Features of Illuminated Traffic Light Poles:

  • High brightness and visibility from far distances
  • Low electric energy consumption
  • High strength and durability
  • Resistance to rain and dust


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