Luminous Tiles

Product Description:

Luminous Tiles are a luminescent solid product that comes in various shapes and sizes. it’s used to improve the aesthetic aspects of cities, as they add elegance to spaces with their aesthetically pleasing shapes, colors, and designs. They are also used to improve safety in front of hazardous places such as traffic lights and intersections that specializes in safety roads.


Technical Specifications of Luminous Tiles:

  • Manufacturing Material: High-quality chemicals.
  • Electrical Energy Used: AC 12V.
  • Type of Lighting: LED.


Uses of Luminous Tiles:

  • Pavement.
  • Sidewalks.
  • Entrances of government buildings and facilities.
  • Palaces and luxury lounges.


Features of Luminous Tiles:

  • High strength and endurance for vehicles weighing up to 81 ton/m2.
  • Low electric energy consumption.
  • High brightness and clarity.
  • Very long life, with up to 300,000 hours of the same brightness.
  • Resistance to weather factors such as rain, humidity, and dust.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Available in many shapes and sizes that fit all places and uses.


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