Road Signs Cantilever Signs

Product Description:

Road Signs Cantilever Signs are informative traffic signs usually mounted on a single support post situated on one side of the road. They consist of Structural sign support posts carrying the board and made of heavy steel trusses covered with a layer of zinc to improve weather resistance.


Uses of Road Signs Cantilever Signs:

Street name signs used to show street names and provide drivers and road users guiding information. They usually come in specific dimensions and heights.

They consist of:

  • An aluminum box showing information on its sides. This box comes in different sizes.
  • High-strength aluminum columns are used for decoration. These columns are thick, making them strong and robust.
  • Screws for mounting and fixing.
  • These are mounted on medians in primary, secondary, and inner residential streets, as well as squares.


Feature of Road Signs Cantilever Signs:

Road Signs Cantilever Signs that regulate traffic on roads. They are usually made of high-strength aluminum and covered with plates of reflective film to reflect the light and make them more visible. Traffic signs have specific shapes, symbols, and marks known to all licensed drivers. They are classified into:

  • Construction site signs.
  • Regulatory signs.
  • Informative signs.
  • Warning signs.

Application Sites: Traffic signs are mounted on all streets in urban and rural areas as well as highways. These signs are vital to regulating traffic, as well as alerting and guiding drivers.

All aforementioned signs are made according to modern technical standards with regard to size, clear writing, reflective surfaces, and precision of the direction of drawn elements. These signs can show constant or changing messages, and they improve the aesthetics of the road.  Reflective films with high reflectivity and resistance to weather conditions such as rain, humidity, dust, and sandstorms are used in these signs.


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