Anti Glare

Product Description:

Anti Glare is an ideal solution for one of the most significant problems of night driving: the reflections of car headlights towards the opposing driver. This can lead to a lack of clear vision of the road and sometimes cause the driver to lose control of the steering wheel, potentially leading to undesirable outcomes, especially on multi-lane roads. Consequently, Shawahid industrial roads has innovated glare blockers or reflection inhibitors to reduce the light reflections from the opposite lanes into the drivers’ eyes.

Anti Glare Uses:

  1. ِ Ideal for reducing the intensity of light to protect the lives of drivers and pedestrians.
  2. Installed on the central concrete barrier that separates the two-way road.
  3. These blockers help prevent glare from oncoming traffic, ensuring clearer visibility and maintaining control for drivers, especially on multi-lane highways.
  4. They can be securely attached to concrete or metal barriers, providing a safer road environment for everyone.

Anti Glare Features:

  1. Made from polycarbonate material, ensuring durability and the ability to withstand a wide range of temperatures.
  2. It can handle both extreme cold (below freezing) and high heat (up to 100°C) without any change in its properties. This means that the product remains unaffected by temperature variations, including twisting, expansion, or distortion of its external shape, which could impact its efficiency.
  3. The design is sleek, adding an aesthetic touch to the road.
  4. It includes a reflective strip to clearly define the center of the road at night.
  5. These glare blockers are installed on the central barriers of the road, whether they are made of steel or concrete.
  6. They are cost-effective for car drivers, as they eliminate the need for special car window glass to prevent glare.
  7. Intentionally designed without sharp edges, reducing the risk of injury in case of a collision with the blocker.
  8. Anti Glare has exceptional glare-reducing capabilities, especially in crowded areas.
  9. They are environmentally friendly, relying on the physical properties of the material and not requiring any external power source.
  10. Additionally, they have been tested for resistance to ultraviolet radiation and comply with ISO 4892-2:2013 standards.
  11. Installation is straightforward, as each piece comes with a ready-made base for attaching screws to steel or concrete walls.

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