Crash Cushion Systems

Product Description:

Crash cushions are manufactured by Shawahid Group.

Crash cushions aim to absorb shock and reduce impact force, thus protecting vehicle occupants and the part behind the cushions from any possible damages.

Crash cushions are manufactured and produced in different sizes compatible with all speeds in cities and on highways. They are also US Mash test compliant.



  • At the begging and end of concrete and plastic barriers.
  • The front part of bridge bases and underpasses.
  • Forks in the road and intersections.
  • Exits from highways.



  • Easy setup and maintenance due to joint parts.
  • Covered with reflective tape.
  • High shock absorption and impact force reduction.
  • Produced in Saudi Arabia with highly efficient and fast distribution.
  • Compliant with US Mash standards.


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