Flexible Signs

Product Description:

Flexible Signs are considered one of the products of flexible bollards, which are ideal for warning vehicle drivers of hazards on the road that may not be easily visible to them. They also have several uses based on their specific shape. These permanent signs are used individually or in groups and have multiple uses, including placement in traffic island areas, directing traffic, and identifying sharp changes and obstacles on roads.

Flexible Signs Uses:

  1. On highways and city streets.
  2. Ideal for marking pedestrian crossings to reduce the risk of injury, death, and property damage.
  3. Separating two-way road lanes.
  4. Separating road lanes in work areas.
  5. Highway exits as road lane delineators.

Flexible Signs Features:

  1. High collision resistance and suitable in cases where it is necessary to force drivers to adhere to a specific path or follow a route.
  2. High-quality, high-reflectivity grade.
  3. A mix of special colours to produce a glossy structure with long-lasting durability and UV resistance.
  4. The unit contains an anti-twist reactive spring set that rebounds to vertical when hit. Bendable in cases where there is a high possibility of collision by trucks.
  5. Available in three patterns and multiple versatile shapes
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