9 Features of Solar Traffic Signs

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Clear visibility is the most important factor of safe driving and traffic safety, but a clear view of the road may not always be available, especially in places that witness a lot of sandstorms or fog gatherings in the morning or even rainy places even in the presence of the usual road signs; so Industrial Road Shawahid Company has created a type of LED Solar Traffic Signs  with strong illumination with a bulb system that can be seen well even in the most severe conditions.

Solar traffic signs components​

1- Solar Traffic Signs 

2- LED light bulbs 

3- Type of sign to be designed

4- reflectors 

5- Tube 

6- Aluminium cover 

7- Steel Clip

8- control panel  

9- Part holder (1)


10- Part holder (2)

9 Features of Solar Traffic Signs

Solar Traffic Signs mechanism​


High-Visibility Solar Traffic Signs Blinking LED Warning Signs and Flashing STOP Sign It contains lights in the shape of the symbol to be used and a solar panel that charges electricity throughout the day. The solar panel starts lighting up at sunset and continues to light up until sunrise the next day to start the charging cycle all over again.

9 Features of Solar Traffic Signs

Solar traffic signs types:

  • Panels with intermittent lighting.
  • Panels with continuous lighting.
  • Panels that charge with solar power for 4 hours and automatically turn off during the day
  • Sign
9 Features of Solar Traffic Signs

What are the 9 Features of Solar Traffic Signs?

  • The product utilises high-quality bulbs and lighting to increase the driver’s awareness of what the sign indicates.
  • An environmentally friendly and cost-effective product powered by solar energy
  • The product is very safe and ideal for its function as its reliance on solar energy prevents it from running out of power due to power outages current due to weather conditions
  • It can be seen from a distance of up to 1 km under normal conditions
  • The product’s battery lasts for long periods to ensure that the bulbs do not go out in case of prolonged absence of sunlight
  • The product is complemented by several high-quality, high-reflectivity reflective films specially manufactured at Shawahid to maximise Light intensity at night
  • The product is implemented with an ingenious protective design that helps restore the driver’s focus in distracted situations. The lighting pattern can be customised to flash between 40 and 60 pulses of light per minute.
  • The chassis is made of resistant aluminium to enhance the tag’s resistance to wind currents, rain, and more to ensure the tag’s stability

on the ground

  • The product is optimally insulated to protect it from internal damage due to external factors
9 Features of Solar Traffic Signs


The Shwahid Co. is committed to ensuring that the spirit of the organisation is maintained under any circumstance and that its objectives are aligned with product quality and the quality of the environment, and the quality of its products and services. Green to reduce environmental pollution, reduce environmental pollution, reduce environmental pollution and Flashing LED street lights are a great way to minimise the risk of traffic accidents, as well as to minimise the risk of traffic accidents.

9 Features of Solar Traffic Signs