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Providing a visibility or clear illumination on the barrier is as important as the barrier itself, so Shawahid Co. has produced Concrete Road Reflectors and Guardrail Butterfly reflectors

These Barrier reflectors work to provide drivers with a specific path during darkness and bad weather conditions where the safety barrier is located 4 meters or less from the nearest edge of the running lane, so the barrier reflector is installed on the concrete barrier at regular intervals.

What is the function of the road reflector?

The curved aluminum metal is installed on road barriers for the purpose of reflecting the illumination of vehicles on the road, clarifying road boundaries, clarifying metal road barriers, and preventing vehicles from drifting off the road 

Types of barrier reflectors

There are two types of barrier reflectors 

The specific of barrier reflectors 

Components of parts:

  • Galvanized Steel Sheet
  • reflective panels

Color of barrier reflections:

  • Yellow  reflector 
  • Red reflector
  • Both reflector 

Size of barrier reflectors:

  • For Concrete Road Reflectors  6 cm X 20 cm
  • For Guardrail Butterfly reflectors  13 CM X 6.5cm
Know more about Barrier reflectors
Know more about Barrier reflectors

What are the reflectors in the road called?

It has many names such as,

  • Barrier reflector
  • Guardrail reflectors
  • Barrier wall reflector 
  • Concrete Road Reflectors
  • Guardrail Butterfly reflectors
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Uses of Concrete Road Reflectors:

  • On concrete traffic barriers.
  • On highway Guardrails.
  • High reflectivity.
  • High thickness.
  • Resistant to weather factors such as rain and sandstorms.
  • Easy setup and maintenance.
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 shawahid co. Always strives to provide all the traffic safety products that individuals need on the road, the company’s goal is to preserve the lives of individuals to appreciate the value of the individual, so it works to achieve the best quality of products even in Small Size Products By the best technicians trained to achieve the best results under the supervision of the best engineers who were carefully selected to achieve the company’s goals. 

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