Flexible Post Signs

Product Description:

Flexible Post Signs Hazard, sergeant stripe, and chevron stripe markers are ideal for warning drivers of hazards on the road that may not be readily apparent to them.
Used individually or in groups, these permanent markers have multiple uses including: placement on island and gore areas, channelizing traffic, and delineating sharp changes and obstructions in roads.


FEATURES of Flexible Post Signs :

  • Yields fully on impact
  • Provides high target value
  • Resistant to Damage from ultraviolet light, ozone & hydrocarbons
  • Superior Retro-Reflectivity Type IV high intensity sheeting included in three pattern types
  • Anti-twist reactive spring assembly that rebounds panel to its original upright, forward facing position when struck
  • MUTCD specifications


USES of Flexible Post Signs: 

  • Deal for use in delineating sharp curves and obstructions in roadway.
  • Designed for use on concrete median barrier
  • Ideal for delineating crosswalks to reduce the risk of injury, death, and property damage.
  • Take care to avoid creating a trip hazard when using any sign in a crosswalk. Ensure that sign bases are outside the crosswalk area
  • often mounted front of guardrail
  • use in front of end treatments & other hazards
  • ideal for bridge & culvert approaches


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