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Flexible sign post is one of the Flexible post products that are ideal for warning drivers of hazards on the road that may not be readily apparent to them and that also have several uses depending on their shape. Used individually or in groups, these permanent signs have several uses, including Placement in the island and gore areas, directing traffic, and identifying sharp road changes and obstacles.

What are Flexible Post Signs used for?

To warn drivers of dangers on the road and as directional signs to guide drivers within cities or to alert people to a specific thing and draw attention.

What material are sign posts made of?

  • The support and panel are made of UV-resistant polyethylene plastic
  • The unit contains a set of Spring
What is the Features of flexible sign post

The features of flexible sign post

  • Yields fully on impact
  • Provides high target value
  • Resistant to Damage from ultraviolet light, ozone & hydrocarbons
  • Superior Retro-Reflectivity Type IV high-intensity sheeting included in three pattern types
  • Anti-twist reactive spring assembly that rebounds panel to its original upright, forward-facing position when struck
  • MUTCD specifications
What is the Features of flexible sign post

What makes shwahid Co. unique?

  • The flexible sign post are made of high-efficiency, UV-resistant plastics with high-quality reflective films manufactured exclusively by Shahadat. Resistant to cracking and peeling, which means a long shelf life, weather-resistant, shatter-resistant and able to withstand high weights without damage
  • Color-treated to ensure lasting stability
  • Equipped to twist in case of strong impacts as it has an ultra-durable and flexible spring that returns to its place after the impact naturally
  • Multiple sizes
  • It does not require a special base for installation, but it is fixed with screws, so it can be installed on concrete, metal, regular ground or asphalt surfaces with ease in installation in a matter of minutes and does not require a full team of
What is the Features of flexible sign post

Usage of Flexible sign post

  • Deal for use in delineating sharp curves and obstructions in roadway.
  • Designed for use on the concrete median barrier
  • Ideal for delineating crosswalks to reduce the risk of injury, death, and property damage.
  • Avoid creating a trip hazard when using any sign in a crosswalk. Ensure that sign bases are outside the crosswalk area
  • often mounted in front of the guardrail
  • use in front of end treatments & other hazards
  • ideal for bridge & culvert approaches
What is the Features of flexible sign post

In conclusion

1- Chevrons signpost:

They are used to minimize off-road and dangerous places and are used at intersections and at the beginning and end of lanes and roads.

 including 3 places:

  • Right to direct drivers to the right.
  • Center, positioned in the middle of the road to direct drivers forward.
  • Left to direct drivers to the left.


2-Indicative sign: 

guide drivers within cities or to alert people to a specific thing and draw attention. 


In Conclusion

Flexible sign post and signs are an ideal solution for places where traffic or human traffic is congested to help alert, guide or warn, and are also a preventive factor to minimize potential accident damage with low costs, which means that the product combines quality, efficiency and price.


What is the Features of flexible sign post
What is the Features of flexible sign post
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